StylPro Make-Up Brush Cleaner

Back in August I was gifted the StylPro brush cleaner on my birthday. It barely came as a surprise since I practically ‘ordered’ it, and  I can confirm that it is probably among the best b-day gifts I have ever received.

WHAT IS IT? It’s a fairly new on the market, easy-to-use device/kit that CLEANS and DRIES your brushes in SECONDS (note the capitals).

I will not be reviewing this yoke here bit-by-bit as there are plenty of videos and blog posts out there on the subject, but instead I will let you know if this is worth investing in.

And yes, yes it is totally worth it in my opinion. Especially if you are a make-up artist. I think  you need this. Let me explain.

You take one dirty brush, dip it in the bowl containing brush cleansing solution or baby shampoo + water mix for c.10 seconds (bristles dipped not more than half their length in liquid)  and start the spinning device for c. 10 seconds. Then elevate the brush above the liquid and start the spinning again for c.5-10 seconds for the drying process (that’s the time recommended – if brush isn’t dry yet, then give it another go for another 5-10 seconds, but always stop after the recommended drying time).


And that is all, folks. And you got yourself a dry brush. And most of all clean. CLEAN, people! Totally clean, which baffles me to this day.

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PRICE: €65 – Meaghers Pharmacy now have it in stock with the StylPro Cleansing Solution FREE (this usually is priced at €14.95 and does not come included with kit, can be purchased separately).

SIDE NOTE: StylPro now comes only with ONE spindle – the WHITE one – there was some mix-up and packaging errors in the factory, and Meaghers Pharmacy (where my StylPro was bought from) has kindly and very promptly cleared these issues out for me (BIG thank you to them by the way!).  

I actually don’t know as to how this was not invented sooner. Seriously like, I definitely recommend you to put this on your Christmas / Birthday / Payday Treat list, as it definitely does what it says on the tin and you are gonna LOVE it! The only negative thing I would say about this is that the on/off button is a bit dodgy to press while the device is on due to the intense vibrations of the device, if that makes any sense at all. Also, I tried this with a baby shampoo from Burt’s Bees and it practically did nothing for my brushes, the cleansing solution is so far the ‘only’ solution to use the kit with. Will update you once/if/when I find another way :). I do however clean c. 3 brushes in the same go (solution), and it still cleans them properly.



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