Acquired Make-Up Tips




I’ve been an avid make-up wearer since I was 14, for exactly 18 years that is (can’t believe I just wrote that!), and I have learnt a good few things along the way, things I thought I’d share with you today. Now the tips I am about to share are generally not something I’ve learnt online or from any other source, but instead something I’ve ‘discovered’ myself along the way – and it’s not necessarily something that somebody else hasn’t discovered yet, or for that matter isn’t something that works for everyone as a general rule, but I’m gonna give this a go anyway and perhaps you could share your own beauty tips below as well? Pretty please and thank you!


  • I always make sure to apply concealer on the outer corners of the eyes for a ‘lift’, you’d be surprised as to how much of a difference this detail can make.


  • Don’t be afraid to mix & match – you rarely find your perfect fit since you’re very much  called an ‘individual’ for a reason, so mix your mascaras – one layer of a certain brand for lengthening, one or two coats of a different branded for thickening and pzaazzz. Same goes for foundation – mix and match shades, formulas, coverage, you name it!
  • If making your lips look fuller is what you’re after, then slightly over-draw (note emphasis on the word ‘slightly’ please) and make your cupid’s bow less prominent by drawing slightly over it as well – i.e. straighten the shape of it to  make it less deep – this trick adds and speaks volume.
  • If you need to reapply make-up or do some touch-ups on the go, avoid taking powder eyeshadows with you and instead take a cream one – better yet, take eyeshadow sticks! These leave no fallout under your eyes or on your base, and they’re far easier and faster to apply – you don’t even need brushes with it, just smudge and blend with your fingertips. Plus we all know how tricky it is to reapply powder eyeshadow when you already have mascara on (hello Panda eyes!).


I will make a note of any new tips as I go along, but for now, tell me, what personal tips have you learnt along your make-up way?



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