‘Coach Eau de Parfum’ by COACH

COACH isn’t a brand I personally know well. Sure, I’ve heard of their iconic handbags but being an American brand, I haven’t seen it around much to know more about it. That being said, I most definitely have heard of their most famous fragrance to date – Coach ‘Poppy’ – a perfume I’ve never smelt myself but which I’ve seen featured in many a ‘Perfume collection’ videos on YouTube back in the days.

Their release for this year scent wise, sees ‘Coach The Fragrance’ being brought on the market, with Actress Chloe Grace Moretz as the face of the fragrance.

Out this month, Coach The Fragrance has quite a fruity top layer of raspberry, pear and pink pepper, a floral heart of Turkish rose, gardenia and cyclamen, and a woody/musky base of sandalwood, musk and suede – kind of best of all worlds if you ask me.

Perfumer: Juliette Karagueuzoglou

(Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Signorina’ line, Yves Saint Laurent ‘L’Homme Sport’, Yves Saint Laurent ‘Tuxedo’ etc.)

& Anne Flipo

(YSL ‘Manifesto’ / YSL ‘La Nuit De L’Homme’ – my fave ever male fragrance / Chloe ‘Love Story’ etc.)



We must take time to talk about the packaging – so, so tasteful! A simple, curvy, solid clear bottle with the Coach emblem embossed in it, the gold top and atomiser – which in fact symbolizes the turn lock closure on their handbags (it actually turns to lock atomiser as well), the gold & leather tags, such stunning detailing! Bravo!

The fragrance itself I reckon, will also be a mass hit as its pretty fruity floral core is quite pleasant and unoffensive. It’s as young spirited and commercial as it can be, and it could easily go down as a Marc Jacobs number I feel. Yet its pret-a-porter quality makes it the perfect pick-me-up on any days. It smells fresh, warm, and most of all GOOD – how’s that for a detailed description? 🙂 . The Turkish rose definitely gives it depth and sophistication, yet its floral musky bed isn’t enough for longevity I find, as it quickly fades on my skin – but scents generally do not last on me so don’t take my word on that. Easily mistaken for an EDT if I didn’t know it was an EDP to begin with – definitely a ‘handbag carrier’ if you have one of those refill perfume atomisers in your possession.

That being said, I reach for it a LOT. I am a sucker for a good perfume bottle anyway, but the warmth of this scent makes me douse myself in it and I look for no excuses while doing so. On most days I need something light and nice smelling to keep me going and this is exactly that!

In stores nationwide now.

Price: EDP 30 ml: €45   / 50 ml: €70  /  90 ml: €90






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