Matt Matt Lipsticks by ESSENCE

I was always a bright lipstick kind of girl, I used to wear bright pinks, oranges, and corals and reds like nobody’s business. Something however changed along the way, and I now find myself gravitating towards more toned-down shades like dusty mauves, soft browns, muted pinks etc (thank you Kylie J. for resurrecting these), all in all the neutral shades if you may. Now don’t get me wrong, I still wear the odd bright here and there, but on a regular basis I prefer a non-pretentious throw-on shade to cover my kissers!

One thing that hasn’t changed however, is my love for matte lipstick formulations – I generally dislike creams and glossies. So combine matte lipsticks with a budget brand and you’re bound to find real l<3ve in my curriculum.


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So that’s exactly what the new ESSENCE Matt Matt Lipsticks are (quite a silly name for the line though). Shade ’02’ is probably my favourite shade of lipstick as at present, and it’s a perfection of a neutral, adding just the right amount of colour to my lips and its finish is perfectly opaque and comfortable to wear. It is also the perfect contouring shade in the sense that I can ever so slightly go over my natural lip line without ending up looking like a clown!

Shade ’01’ on the other hand is a more recent purchase, and its formula is slightly on the powdery side when compared to shade 02’s – yet its muted sixties rosy brown shade makes it a good choice / ‘nude replacement’  when donning a darker eye make-up look.

Best of all? These lippies cost c. €2.99 and I am already owning a back-up for Shade 02 – but I will definitely buy another one and at €2.99 you bet your wallet I will probably get another one thereafter 🙂 !



2 Comments Add yours

  1. CRISTINA says:

    like like shade 02 !!!! ❤


    1. Andreea says:

      It’s GORGEOUS, you’ll see! x


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