NARCISO Eau de Parfum Poudree by N. RODRIGUEZ

As I write this, I open the ever so elegant box and carefully pull out the weighty, blush colored, opaque (painted on the inside) bottle of perfume, and in an instant I cannot help but admire its simplicity and the way it tells me a story without even removing its square lid with the Designer’s name engraved in it. And it is so refreshing to yet again ascertain Narciso Rodriguez’s clean style in both presentation and perfumery. In a world and time when ‘more is definitely more’ (Marc Jacobs ‘Decadence’, I’m looking at you!) NARCISO Eau de Parfum Poudree does not disappoint in its minimalist aesthetics.



TOP NOTES: Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Orange Blossom


BASE: Patchouli, Cedar, Vetiver

It does not happen very often that I imagine how a perfume smells like by reading its descriptive notes  alone, and to turn out smelling exactly like what I imagined, but that was precisely what happened with Narciso Eau de Parfum Poudree when I was first introduced to it a couple of weeks back. I own the original ‘Narciso’ as well and while I love its quirkiness and uniqueness, Eau de Parfum Poudree has earned a special place in my perfume wardrobe.

With the original NARCISO fragrance, I wanted to create an extremely sexy fragrance. NARCISO eau de parfum Poudrée captures femininity at its core in an even more seductive way. It is both tender and powerful and immediately addictive.”

Narciso Rodriguez

It starts fresh and ever so slightly fizzy, like a freshly poured glass of Prosecco. But fooled be not as if there is ever a non fruity fragrance on the market, I feel this one is definitely it. I cannot help but think ‘rose scented vintage face powder’ when I spray this, topped with the sweetness of delicate violet petals (a note which the perfume does not contain, I am advised). Its silage is on the softer side, once it settles on the skin it is discreet and quite comforting to be around it.

Throughout its wear, N.E.D.P.P. retains its fragile core, it is soft and feminine from top to base. It is a sweet musky powdery scent, but not an intoxicating dry and ‘granny’ one, but is quite creamy instead- if that is something you can all imagine. But if you fail in doing so, I hope you will recognise this upon smelling Narciso Poudree, cause if you’re a fan of sweet powdery scents, you are definitely gonna want to check this number out.

Available in 30 ml, 50 ml & 90 ml



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