The Essentials Eyeshadow Palette 2016 by CLARINS

I love CLARINS as a brand, I genuinely love it! I love its colour makeup line especially the variety of their bases, their lip products and I love their skincare which of course, is of premium quality. What Clarins have however not mastered yet in my honest opinion, is eyeshadows. I am yet to find a  shadow palette or quad from the brand to be entirely for my liking, and that makes me really ‘sad’ in a time where budget brands like Catrice, Essence, Wet & Wild etc. are upping their game at this constantly. Cause you see, eyeshadows are really important to me!

The latest Clarins The Essentials 2016 palette which features ten eyeshadows of different formulas and finishes, makes no exception unfortunately and is not an ‘essential’ to my collection, as it turns out. Again, these are my personal views and experience so please take into consideration that they are subject to my preferences and expectations.

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First of all, the shades within are a tad too cool toned for me – I prefer warmer shades be it coppers, browns,  greens, etc, but this has little importance in this instant and makes a weak case for this not-so-positive review. Let us continue…

Enclosed within are satin finish shades, mattes and glittery formulas as well. Now the darker shades are somewhat decent pigmentation wise, but even so they take too much work in my opinion, as there is fall-out post application. The lighter shades on the other hand won’t even swatch on a heavy fingertip press, let alone leave any decent pigment on the skin when applied with a brush. The glittery shades are grand in pigment but they are crumbly and won’t stick unless you wet them. These are mineral eyeshadows and they can be used either dry or damp, they say – but then again ALL eyeshadows can be used in such manners, so this isn’t a (+)point for the palette here. They’re not insanely pigmented when used damp either – just decent. Plus, they’re not even long lasting on the eyelids…I wish I can say something positive here, I really do.

Either way, it is very unfortunate that this palette (and the Clarins eyeshadows per general) don’t agree with me – in my opinion ‘The Essentials’  is not worth its price (€43) and I personally would not recommend it at all. Their face products, powders, foundations, skincare, etc. on the other hand, are well worth investigating as a whole! If I were to talk to you face-to-face I would say ‘save your pennies and try a Sleek palette instead’, although I have seen positive reviews of this palette online (make of it what you wish but swatch before ordering online I would advise).




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  1. Lilly says:

    Oh Troll en chef ! vous vous donnez vachement de manche pour être un troll, ce qui prouve que bouffer de l’espace n’est pas la meilleure façon de s&qsiuo;alrmenter.


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