My Autumn Wardrobe – PERFUME

In today’s post I briefly tell you about two Autumn-y perfumes that I am  wearing on rotation these days, and a third one which is on my ‘whishlist’ mostly because a girl can dream and all that jazz. Plus it’s a Tom Ford so that covers it. Any excuse to talk about T.F., dontchathink?






1/ This is Her by ZADIG & VOLTAIRE  – This has to be the most perfectly cosy, hot chocolate in your hands, fluffy socks & Bridget Jones on, kind of composition. It is in fact  WAY more than that, but I will review it very soon so I don’t want to spoil it, I just give it a quick mention! Notes such as Sambac Jasmine, Pink Pepper, Sandalwood, Milky Chestnut Cream and Vanilla. (Mmmmmmm, hashhtag mmmmm...)


2/ Si Eau de Toilette by ARMANI – Quite an interesting scent this one, by far the perfume which has gotten me the most compliments ever, it is a fresh crispy fruity floral that I would wear during the day when the sun is beaming on a chilly Autumn morning. It is a really long wearing EDT with outstanding silage so don’t be fooled by its name. A good choice for both Spring and Autumn, in my opinion, with notes of Blackcurrant, Green Pear, Mandarin and Neroli Oil, Freesia and Musk.



3/ Velvet Orchid by TOM FORD Sweet Mother of Jaysus!  I want to crawl into its bottle and live there…The more I think about this, the more I want it (I usually buy what I want and then my  obsession with yet ANOTHER scent can begin – phew)! That being said, the price of Velvet Orchid is sort of putting me off as it is way out of my budget – the 30 ml version is €70! Yuss! The other reason why I haven’t ventured into buying  this yet however expensive it may be, is because I noticed the perfume dries on my skin into a synthetic vanilla orchestrated scent and I note it doesn’t last on me that well either – but I need to give it a few more go’s before my final judgement. Either way, Velvet Orchid is insanely delicious! Notes like Honey, Bergamot, Orchid, Hyacinth, Rose Oil, Labdanum and Suede.

What is, or should be in your Autumn Wardrobe, perfume wise?


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