Le Parfum Eclat D’Or EDP by ELIE SAAB

I am a magpie and a packaging snob when it comes to perfumes. They have to come in pretty bottles to catch my attention from the very start, deal is – it looks good it smells good! OBVIOUSLY this isn’t a rule and it sounds silly when said out loud, but in my head the bottle tells me a story and it’s the first point of introduction. So it only makes sense to always start my perfume review posts with comments about their packaging.

Today’s post is entirely dedicated to the new Le Parfum Eclat D’Or EDP by ELIE SAAB, its scent and its beautiful bottle. Cause if you’re like me (human and have eyes) and you like gold, then this new release is going to speak to you in all its goldie glorious ways.



PERFUMER: Francis Kurkdjian

(‘My Burberry’ by Burberry / ‘Green Tea’ by Elizabeth Arden  / ‘Le Male’ by J.P.Gaultier / ‘World’ by Kenzo / ‘Le Parfum’ by Elie Saab )



TOP NOTES: Bergamot, Orange Blossom

HEART NOTES: Ylang-ylang, Jasmine

BASE NOTES: Rose honey, Patchouli

Not to be confused with any of the Elie Saab Le Parfum‘s created to date, ‘Eclat D’Or’ is an entirely new floriental scent but not an entirely different one if that makes sense. It is the first Christmas variation of the original Le Parfum (one of my all time favourite perfumes ever) and it is very much based around it , with added depth and punch – addition of bergamot, and overdose of rose honey and extra patchouli in the base for my delectation.

And my friends, it is potent! And I don’t say that lightly, it could in fact ‘wear you’ if you use too much of it or use it in the wrong context. Best when applied  by spraying from a 40 cm distance and walking into its mist thereafter – spray it directly onto your skin or too close to your nose, and it could make you sick and headache-y throughout the day in my opinion. And definitely do not get into the car/bus  straight after spraying it – it could turn you off it completely. You get an eau de parfum with excellent sillage and grand staying power here, I have to say.

I would lie if I were to say that I love this as much as I love the original, but I’m not going to say I dislike it either because I don’t. But it’s a very pretentious scent for me, and I really need to be in the mood to wear it, it is sweet and captivating and tells a thousand stories throughout its wear. It does change and it settles from a bright to a dark warm scent – if this were a colour spectrum, it would start gold and end up a burnt orange.

It is also I may add, quite similar to Le Parfum Eau de Parfum Intense by Elie Saab and Classique Intense by Jean Paul Gaultier in my opinion. So if you’re a fan of any of these, it is very much possible that you will fall head over heals for this one as well.    

EDP 50ml – c. €65-€70


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  1. CRISTINA says:


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    1. Andreea says:

      Thank you, you will smell it soon 😀 xx


    2. Liberty says:

      something like, "several Republicans and Democrats we talked to said don't expect President Obama to attend. There are several laws … &q=n=;=========t================uFioe, then he simply won't get on the GA ballot because there is no evidence shown that he is eligible…according to the "laws" of GA!!"If Obama is protected by a law from having to testify in an admin proceeding, then the judge cannot penalize him for not testifying.


  2. Mellie says:

    Emanuele, non vedo come non fai a capire la corzandditione ed il paradosso delle tue stesse affermazione. Nessuno può decidere per un altro cosa è giusto o cosa non lo è. E' giusto così semplice.


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