• Photographs used in this blog belong to me and are not to be used under any circumstances without my prior consent. When photographs are borrowed from a different source, it will be clearly stated. Occasionally, stock images/pr visuals will also be featured here.
  • I collaborate with PR representatives for different brands and accept press samples by way of keeping the blog up-to-date and current. However, press samples when accepted, are strictly for consideration purposes only, and a feature on them is not guaranteed – nor is a positive review guaranteed for that matter, as I hold on dearly to my integrity and reputation – an honest view will be published on them regardless. Posts featuring press samples will have a ‘stamp’ at the end of the post, as seen below.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             press-sample2
  • Some features will have the ‘Recommended’ / ‘Not Recommended’ / ‘On the Fence’ stamps enclosed, however all my recommendations and advices are subjective and should very much be viewed as such – what suits me might not suit you and vice-versa.